Revlon Photoready Cream Blush

P1010583I got laughed at when I picked this up, partly because I was already struggling to hold on to everything, but mostly because my justification for buying it went something like this –

‘babe ! look it matches my nails !’

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Rimmel Match Perfection

After being on the losing side of a quarrel with Rimmel’s ‘wake me up’ for a month or so I felt like my faith in Rimmel foundations had been knocked a bit. So when it came to doing a bit of a drugstore haul I expected to gravitate to something a tad different… well, I was clearly mistaken.

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Empties !

This is my box of empties which I slowly fill up until I think that I have enough to share with you and most importantly let you know if I will (or already have) repurchase them.

First and foremost; my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. Not a lot to say – a beauty cult product and absolute must have, to be repurchased before it runs out !P1010548

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April favourites !

A quick rundown of beauty products and a few other bits I’ve been loving throughout April for you guys..


Firstly, a product that anyone who follows Fleur’ blog will already of seen, but I’m sharing the love for Nip and Fabs pistachio body butter ! The smell really reminds me of a Yankee candle that was given to me for Christmas (Christmas treats I think it’s called). At the moment its reduced from £9.95 to £4.95, which I think is super reasonable. It goes on really nicely without leaving you with that greasy feeling and I find a little bit goes quite a long way, which is perfect because when I have a product I really like I tend to try to make it last for ever !


Next on my list is my mascara of choice for the month; Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping mascara. I found myself reaching for this over the past few weeks rather than my normal go-to choices. I bought it because I liked the idea of a mascara that did my lashes some good rather than damaging them. Although it doesn’t work miracles; don’t expect your lashes to double in length or anything drastic like that, but they are a little thicker and it has a nice, easy to remove formula. You can pick this little beaut up at boots for £9.99..


My last beauty favourite this month is my MAC 168 angled contouring brush. I was given this a while ago and I tend to go through phases of using it, every time I go back to it I question why I don’t use it daily? It’s a really dense brush, which means you can blend products really easily with plenty of control and it’s the perfect size for contouring the hollow of your cheeks. I don’t have hundreds, but I think that a good brush is an investment and you pretty much get what you pay for, in this case £26.

For non-beauty favourites this month I have been absolutely glued to the hunger games trilogy. I bought the first one for my iPad a couple weeks ago after I saw the teaser trailer for the second film (super excited!) and before I even knew it I had finished the first book, simple couldn’t put it down and finished all three in 2 weeks !

My second non-beauty fave this month is Game of Thrones. A little late on the band wagon I know, but i didn’t watch them from the start and last week my boyfriend decided I needed to watch it so we gave a day to it and cracked the whole of the first series in one day, a tad sad but hey ho… It’s a bit gory so if you’re squeamish then maybe stear clear or find a pillow to hide behind during those bits !

Lips Bee Healthier

imageJason‘ is a brand that I had honestly never heard of before until it landed on my doorstep in my glossy box last month. They’re one of many growing companies striving to encourage the use of naturally effective ingredients in beauty products. In this case a combination of Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Green Tea extract, Peppermint oil, Almond oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E extract has created a gorgeous product that smells incredibly like after eight mints !

I suffer horribly with dry, fussy lips which don’t like it if its too hot, cold, windy or humid. After a few hours of using this my lips felt 10 times better without feeling greasy in that petroleum wayLips Bee Healthier is now my mum’s favourite lip balm, especially after she found out it’s only £1.99 (you can’t go wrong, can you?) and its definitely up there for me !

False Lash Effect vs. Scandaleyes


After all the blogger hype over the Max Factor ‘False Lash Effect’ mascara I eventually had to go out and buy myself one. The 24 hour one was on introductory offer and I also re-purchased the Rimmel ‘Scandaleyes’ in extreme black so I thought I’d do a quick comparison.

P1010511Scandaleyes is my go to ‘drug store’ mascara so this might be a little biassed I’ve had the normal one before but I much prefer this one; the black packaging is much nicer than the, slightly tacky, bright orange packaging of the original.. It’s definitely extremely black and the brush gives you tonnes of volume making it pretty much everything you need out of your day-to-day mascara.


I really like the False Lash Effect mascara, although I’m not completely sold on the 24 hour one. I find it a little too long lasting and so hard to get off of your lashes that I felt like I was doing damage to them. However, I do quite like the effect it gives and if you have a particularly hectic day ahead of you and need a mascara that is going to stay put then this will do the job.

Personally I prefer the Rimmel and, generally, I recommend it over the Max Factor although it doesn’t have anywhere near as much staying power !

figs&rouge lip balm


This is one of my favourite lip products that I’ve been using for a couple months now… I got my Figs&Rouge balm in my April ( I think ) glossy box and I absolutely love it !

Mine is peppermint and tea tree and it smells amazing and has cutest packaging, although the sample size one I have is a little small and so its a bit tricky to open.

It says that it’s for lips, face and body but I’ve only ever used it on my lips and, although it’s not waxy or oily like most other lip balms, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about putting it on my face..

And I’m pretty sure they’re due to launch a range of tinted lip balms, which I’m definitely going to be looking into !

You can buy it at boots and urban outfitters or online at