Skiathos Sunshine

The last week or two I’ve been a bit of an absentee blogger *slaps wrist*, deepest apologies, but for good reason – last week I was poolside in sunny sunny Greece! I was so excited because Tanya & Zoe were posting pictures of their trip to Mykonos as I was packing for my trip to Skiathos so inspiration struck and I thought I’d share a bit of my holiday with you too.

Skiathos, for those of you who have never heard of it, is tiny 19-square-mile island with 60-odd beaches and is where some of Mama Mia was filmed and the island where I’m told Pierce Brosnan and alike stayed during filming. We stayed at Madraki Village Boutique Hotel, which was easily one of the best, and most beautiful places I’ve ever stayed. The service was beyond what I could have expected and we spent almost all week led by the pool, eating most meals either at the pool bar or the restaurant upstairs because we just didn’t feel the need to go else where. The restaurant is award winning and one of the best places to eat on the island so we had everything we needed at our fingertips with beaches in walking distance.

Soo, here’s a few holiday snaps for you !

The pool in the evening looking back onto our building

Me and the boyf ready for dinner

Our beautiful room

Happy hour by the pool !

Have you got any suggestions of where we should go next?


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