Revlon Photoready Cream Blush

P1010583I got laughed at when I picked this up, partly because I was already struggling to hold on to everything, but mostly because my justification for buying it went something like this –

‘babe ! look it matches my nails !’

As soon as that link was made it was sold.

I had nails inc. portobello on (original, eh?), with that on my nails and this -in coral reef btw– on my cheeks and lips I was well and truly coralled up. The boy thought it was hilarious.


I got it at boots as part of my mini-haul last week for £7.99 (somewhat of a bargain). It is a cream blush but my favourite way to wear it is on my lips either as a kind of stain or with over some Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream to create more a lipstick effect because I’m a little bit scared of brightly coloured blush.

If I’m feeling particularly brave I’ll put a touch on with my finger tips or blend it in nicely with my real techniques stippling brush and because its such a creamy formula it’s pretty easy to blend in to make a nice subtle colour or build it up for a stronger colour, if you’re brave enough…


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