La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

Whilst I try to avoid doing full reviews of products I know have been blogged half to death, I honestly couldn’t let another day go by without singing praises for this little beaut…


 My ‘winter skin’ and ‘summer skin’ have completely different complaints and needs; my summer skin is actually normally really good whilst my winter skin is dry in some places and not in others and spotty everywhere else. It makes me really down because nothing seems to help…

I was truly at the point of despair and this little tube was a per-roper life saver.

La Roche-Posay is speeding it’s way to ‘cult brand’ status in my books; I talk about it all the time, bloggers and youtubers are swearing by it left, right and centre, and I’m drawn to their little section every time my foot crosses the Boots threshold. The Effaclar Duo comes, shockingly, from their Effaclar range which is branded as ‘a complete solution for all type of imperfection and spot-prone skin’ -quite a brave and sweeping statement… I’ll forgive them this though because they’ve hit the nail on the head ! The results I had after a couple weeks of using a small amount twice a day were incredible. All of their products are pretty problem-specific so it’s worth doing a bit of research on their website to figure out which ones you’d benefit from the most.

Other than the fact that it genuinely does work I really love the smell, packaging and texture of this. It smells very clean. I don’t like heavily perfumed skincare products because I feel like it’s just putting extra unnecessary stuff on my face. The Effaclar Duo, however, smells almost soapy, antibacterial and just very clean. I can’t think of better things for a spot treatment to smell of really. The packaging is very simple and classy and makes it look like a true pharmaceutical rather than a beauty gimmick. The texture reminds me more of a serum than a moisturiser? Not even slightly greasy but more liquidy so my skin soaks it up really quickly and a little bit tends to go a long way.

It’s been a really effective and simple way of speeding my skin back to its normal cheery self, with minimum bank account damage done at only £13 a pop !


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