Rimmel Match Perfection

After being on the losing side of a quarrel with Rimmel’s ‘wake me up’ for a month or so I felt like my faith in Rimmel foundations had been knocked a bit. So when it came to doing a bit of a drugstore haul I expected to gravitate to something a tad different… well, I was clearly mistaken.


20 minutes into my ‘quick pop’ into boots I found myself staring at the Rimmel stand trying to figure out what shade I was since almost every single tester was missing. My boyfriend eventually got fed up and started thrusting bottles Rimmel’s Match Perfection next to my face stating that ‘that one looks close enough’… excellent colour matching sweetheart. In all honesty, I landed at this one simple because their lightest shade looked too light for me -unheard of- normally the lightest shade of any drugstore foundation is too dark. So, I went for 100 Ivory (I think the lightest was called Porcelain?), but now that I’ve tried it I’ll probably go in and pick up the lightest one as well to mix the two because I’m somewhere in between, but its a very close match.

As you may have guessed I’m a bit of a foundation snob, I tend to go with ‘you get what you pay for’. I stand corrected, I really really like this product. It’s really nice to apply; I use my real techniques expert face brush and it’s the perfect consistency for it, it doesn’t get too mangled up in the brush, if you know what I mean? It also works well with my fingertips if I’m just slapping a bit on for a lazy day.

I think it’s nearer the medium coverage band (similar to the wake me up), but I tend to build it up a bit more in the central, more ‘problematic’ areas of my face and I find it lasts quite well so long as you set it with a bit of powder. It’s also got a pretty similar finish to the wake me up foundation, but without the little glittery bits, and claims to be ‘light perfecting’ rather than reflecting. I don’t think it makes me break out in the same way the wake me up did -so far so good- I’ll keep you posted. It’s also still got a nice glass bottle and pretty basic but classy packaging overall with a pump that gives you a good amount of product – I find 2 pumps does the trick.

All in all I would definitely recommend this; cheap and cheerful at £6.99 and with SPF18, can’t go wrong, right?


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