Empties !

This is my box of empties which I slowly fill up until I think that I have enough to share with you and most importantly let you know if I will (or already have) repurchase them.

First and foremost; my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. Not a lot to say – a beauty cult product and absolute must have, to be repurchased before it runs out !P1010548

Next is my Clinique bottom lash mascara – so teeny-tiny that I am always losing it but it’s it size that makes it so brilliant and super easy to use so you can get a hold on those little invisible eyelashes. Definite repurchase.


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua – one of my all time favourite foundations so I expect it to be a regular tenant of the empties box. Its a super light coverage with a gorgeous sheer finish and, whilst it’s not exactly fragranced, I absolutely love the smell; it just smells like Chanel to me. This repurchase will be my forth !


Another foundation I used up in the last few weeks is the Rimmel ‘Wake me up’ foundation. So many of my friends use this foundation and soo many bloggers rave about it… Somewhat controversially I have never been able to get along with it. I gave it a really determined whack and this is my second bottle but I think I’ve mostly used it on other people. There are teeny tiny bits of glitter in it – a bit of a tell tale; I can tell if my friends are wearing this a mile off – which I don’t really get on with and I find that it breaks me out big time, so I won’t be buying it again. P1010585

I also used up my first bottle of Bioderma this month – perfect timing now that its available over here. Admitting to a true beauty sin here; I am awful at taking off my makeup at night. However, this little beaut certainly encourages me a little more. It’s a proper all-rounder that’s super gentle and doesn’t feel like I’m putting another layer of rubbish on my skin, but we all no much too much about it now. I’ll be buying another big bottle of this ! (p.s although I do spend quite a lot of time away from home, I don’t buy the mini one because I’ve heard they’re a pain to refill. Instead I have these which are much handier and cheaper !)



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